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The Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI) was established in May 1982. Its objectives are to support and encourage the study and understanding of Canada - its culture, history and institutions - and to foster and examine the connections and parallels between Canada and Ireland. ACSI strives to initiate and support courses on Canadian topics in universities and third-level colleges, facilitate the exchange of scholars and scholarship between Canada and Ireland, and encourage research and publication on Canada.

ACSI sponsors an international conference every two years. In intervening years the association organizes a colloquium or seminar on a Canadian theme. Originally the efforts of ACSI regarding courses and research focused on history, geography and French literature, and the association has in recent years facilitated new courses and research in music, law, rural development, media studies, social issues, economics and English literature. Courses involving Canada exist in the majority of Irish universities and also in the non-university sector. The papers delivered at conferences have been published in journals specializing in the particular theme discussed, or in special compendiums. Student seminars are a regular feature of ACSI activity.

The presidents of ACSI since its inception have been:

Seamus Smyth (1982-85)
David Parris (1985-87)
Riana O'Dwyer (1987-89)
Michel Martiny (1989-91)
Pádraig Ó Gormaile (1991-94)
James Jackson (1994-96)
Maeve Conrick (1996-98)
David Parris (1998-2000)
Helen O'Neill (2000-02)
James Jackson (2002-03)
Martin Howard (2003-06)
Vera Regan (2006-08)
Maeve Conrick (2010-12)
Elizabeth Tilley (2012-14)
Michael Brophy (2014-16)
Julie Rodgers (2016-18)
John Maher (2018-20)

The current president is Niall Majury (2020-).
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