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Online Conference
Date: 18th May, 2023
Location: Queen's University Belfast (online)
Theme: Canada Today and Tomorrow
Description: This conference gathered together established and emerging international scholars to reflect on key themes within research on Canada, including transitions, decolonialisation, pluriculturalism, interculturalism, indigeneity, translations, multilingualism, the environment and migration.
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20th Biennial Conference
Dates: 13th - 14th May, 2021
Location: Queen's University Belfast (online)
Theme: Borders and Beyond / Les frontières et au-delà
Description: This interdisciplinary conference drew upon the arts, humanities and social sciences to explore in relation to Canada’s past, present and future the theme of borders, imagined or otherwise, their making, negotiation, reconfiguration and dissolution.
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19th Biennial Conference
Dates: 26th - 28th April, 2018
Location: Waterford Institute of Technology
Theme: Canadian Re-generations / Ré-générations du Canada
Description: This conference examined the theme of re-generation(s) in relation to Canada (past, present and future) from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives.
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18th Biennial Conference
Dates: 13th - 14th May, 2016
Location: Maynooth University
Theme: Imagi/Nation: Canada Past and Future / Imagi/Nation: Le Canada, son passé et son avenir
Description: This conference explored the multiple facets − political, economic, historical, geographical, linguistic, literary and artistic – of Canada as a nation defined not only by its past, but by a future conceived through diverse and ever-evolving representations of that past.
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17th Biennial Conference
Dates: 9th - 11th May, 2014
Location: National University of Ireland, Galway
Theme: Space and Boundaries/Espaces et frontières
Description:This conference addressed the notion of boundaries and space: literal, metaphorical, metaphysical.
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16th Biennial Conference
Dates: 10th - 12th May, 2012
Location: University College Dublin
Theme: Canada: Landscapes and landmarks
Abstract: The image of the 'land' is an ongoing trope in both past and contemporary conceptions of Canada, from the national anthem, to the flag, to the symbols on coins, the land and nature remain linked to the Canadian sense of belonging as well as to the image of the nation abroad. Linguistic landscapes reflect the multi-faceted identities and cultural richness of the nations. If earlier portrayals of the land focused on a rugged, unspoiled landscape, such as in the paintings of the Group of Seven, contemporary notions of identity, belonging and citizenship are established, contested and legitimized within sites and institutions of public culture, heritage and representation that reflect integration with the land transforming landscape into landmarks. The Highway of Heroes from the Trenton military base, Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site in Québec, the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, The Rooms in St John’s Newfoundland and Ireland Park in Toronto, are examples of landmarks that transform landscape into a built environment that endeavours to respect the land while using it as a site to commemorate, celebrate and promote Canadian identity. Similarly, in literature and the arts, the creation of the built environment and the interaction among those who share it is a recurrent theme.
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15th Biennial Conference
Dates: 14th - 16th May, 2010
Location: Waterford Institute of Technology
Theme: Canada and the World: Yesterday and Today / Le Canada dans le monde: hier à aujourd'hui
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