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Call For Papers – International Journal of Canadian Studies

The International Journal of Canadian Studies is seeking interdisciplinary original submissions for its #61 special issue to be published in May 2023.
This special issue welcomes articles discussing the topic: "Is Canada a model?"
The International Journal of Canadian Studies is a long-running interdisciplinary journal dedicated to examining Canada from the fields of the arts, literature, geography, history, native studies, social and political sciences. The bilingual journal is published by the University of Toronto Press.
Submissions could explore the place of Canada in the world as a possible "role model" or simply a model of society, in the past or present times. Does Canada have a power of emulation regarding other nations, regarding which topics? Is Canada a (self-proclaimed) leader in some specific social or political areas? In the field of the arts and literatures, are there any Canadian literary canons ?
Submissions (6000 to 8000 words plus two summaries in English and French) are welcome from a range of disciplines and perspectives in Canadian Studies, including, but not restricted to political studies, international relations literatures and the arts, history, native studies, sociology, anthropology.
Submissions in French or English can be uploaded on our portal until October 3, 2022.
To prepare and submit your submission, follow the "Guideline for authors" on the website: https://utpjournals.press/journals/ijcs/submissions. All articles will undergo double-blind peer review.

20th Biennial ACSI Conference Book of Abstracts - Borders and Beyond / Les frontières et au-delà
Robert Lepage Québec Annual Lecture /
Rappel: Conférence Annuelle du Québec


Playwright, director, actor and producer
A Quiet Revolution
Thursday 25th November 2021 - 7 pm (GMT)

The event at the BFI is now fully booked, but you can still participate in this exciting event via the live streaming.
Book your ticket now to follow the Québec Annual Lecture online via https://bit.ly/QuebecRobertLepage.

Ph.D. student and ACSI member Marta Croll-Baehre
has been awarded the 2021 Barbara Godard Prize by the ACQL-ALCQ


ACSI are delighted to announce that that the 2021 Barbara Godard Prize has been awarded to ACSI member Marta Croll-Baehre for their paper Imitation of Empire Cuisine: An Auto-ethnographic Exploration of the Canadian Artisanal Menu in Conversation with Fred Wah's Diamond Grill.

Marta Croll-Baehre is a Ph.D. student in the English and Cultural Studies program at McMaster University. Marta presented her research at the 2021 ACSI conference. Further details about the 2021 Barbara Godard Prize awarded by the ACQL-ALCQ can be found here.

European Summer School in Canadian Studies (ESSCS 2022)

Dates: July 25 - August 5, 2022
Vienna – Innsbruck (Austria)

Synopsis The Canadian Studies Centres of the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna are organising the first European Summer School in Canadian Studies, which will take place in Vienna and Innsbruck from July 25 to August 5, 2022. The closing of borders during the pandemic has brought local inequalities and solidarities into sharp relief, while also heightening awareness of vulnerabilities and responsibilities that are shared transnationally. At a time when collaboration in person becomes possible once again, an interdisciplinary in-depth reflection on Canada, an important partner of the European Union, is therefore particularly welcome and urgent.

The ESSCS is intended for masters (Bachelor’s degree completed) and doctoral students. The teaching staff are highly renowned specialists from Canada, Germany, and Austria representing the following fields: anglophone and francophone literary and cultural studies, indigenous studies, media studies, language policy, history, cultural geography, political science and economics, intersectional studies, and mountain studies.

The course fees of EUR 530 include a two-week lecture program, course reading materials, readings and Q&As with an anglophone and a francophone author, the train transfer from Vienna to Innsbruck, three guided city tours (Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck), a one-day excursion (including bus transfers and two meals) to the Alpine Obergurgl Research Center of the University of Innsbruck, an afternoon excursion to the Nordkette and a farewell dinner.

Credits: 5 ECTS (6 ECTS possible with an additional task)

Target Group
M.A./M.Ed. and Ph.D. students in the Humanities and Social Sciences in and outside Austria

Application form is available from here. Registration Deadline: 5 March 2022.
Contact: canadian.summer.school@uibk.ac.at or got to https://canada.univie.ac.at/esscs/ for further information.
D'Arcy McGee Beacon Fellowship lecture
Dr. Julie Anne Rodgers from NUI Maynooth
Wed, May 26, 2021


Dr Julie Rodgers has been awarded a D'Arcy McGee Beacon Fellowship by ICUF in collaboration with Professor Jane McGaughey (Concordia University). As part of the fellowship, Julie will deliver a lecture on the topic of maternal counternarratives in contemporary Quebec and Irish women's writing on 26th May 2021. This is a Zoom event. Further details including a link to registration can be found here.

The International Conference “Indigenous Resistance in the Digital Age: the Politics of Language, Media and Culture”


The International Conference "Indigenous Resistance in the Digital Age: the Politics of Language, Media and Culture" (University of Naples "L'Orientale", conference convenor: Anna Mongibello) will be held online on Zoom on 27-30 October 2021.
The conference aims at broadening the current critical debate on creative Indigenous resistance in digital environments so as to include a combination of theoretical approaches and methodologies that range from Indigenous Studies, Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Multimodal Analysis, Media Studies, among others, that may offer new perspectives and insights.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as new frontiers for Indigenous activists
  • Corpora, annotation schemes and other resources and methods for analyzing Indigenous resistance
  • Linguistic, multimodal, critical analysis of dissent and online struggles
  • Metaphors, tropes, narratives and other devices used in Indigenous digital activism on social media
  • Language, memory and Indigeneity in virtual worlds
  • Sovereignty, Indigenous lands and the cyberspace
  • Online/offline Indigenous self-representations and their multiple expressions
  • Responses to online anti-Indigenous racism
  • Indigenous (self- and other) representations in video-games
  • Contemporary online Indigeneity and global connectivity
  • Indigenous knowledge, artificial intelligence and digital worlds
  • Technology and decolonization
  • Emancipatory role of digital technology for Indigenous people
  • Data, information, connectivity, digital technologies and control
  • Educational technology (e.g., virtual labs, e-learning, mobile apps) for Indigenous languages revitalization
  • Indigenous online voices and political participation
  • Ancestral languages and cultural heritage in online environments
  • The inclusion of Indigenous viewpoints in developing new technologies
  • Indigenous Futurism
  • Digital art as resistance
  • Innovative forms of digital oratory and storytelling
The deadline for submitting an abstract is June 30, 2021. The extended version of the CFP is available here: https://www.indigenousresistanceconference.com/call-for-papers.
Confirmed keynote speakers are: Bronwyn Carlson, Head of the Department of Indigenous Studies (Macquarie University, Australia); Alexandra Georgakopoulou, Professor of Discourse Analysis and Sociolinguistics (King’s College, UK); Emma La Rocque, Professor of Indigenous Studies, Cree/Métis activist and poet (University of Manitoba, Canada).

For more information and updates, please visit inres2021@gmail.com.

“Ecologies – Environments – Ethics”
February 18-20, 2022, Grainau, Germany (or as virtual conference)
42nd Annual Conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in German-Speaking Countries (GKS)


The Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries (Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien in den deutschsprachigen Ländern / GKS) focusing mainly on coordinating Canada-related academic activities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
GKS pursues its objectives especially by:

  • sponsoring and supporting Canadian Studies in the broadest sense
  • national as well as international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • intensifying the academic and cultural relations between Canada and the German-speaking countries
Paper proposals/abstracts of max. 500 words can be submitted in French or English and should outline:
- methodology and theoretical approaches chosen
- content/body of research
- which of the four main aspects outlined above the paper speaks to (if any).

In addition, some short biographical information (max. 250 words) should be provided, specifying current institutional affiliation and position as well as research background with regard to the conference topic and/or four main aspects.
Abstracts should be submitted no later than June 15, 2021 to the GKS administration: gks@kanada-studien.de.

Further information is available in English from here and in French by clicking here.

20th Biennial ACSI Conference Programme - Borders and Beyond / Les frontières et au-delà
Prix de la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres, printemps 2021

À l'occasion du Colloque biennal de l'Association irlandaise d'études canadiennes, la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres accorde à un(e) universitaire ou à un(e) étudiant(e) en maîtrise ou en doctorat, domicilié(e) en Irlande, un prix d'un montant de 1500 €, à utiliser dans le cadre d'un projet de recherche (voyage de recherche et / ou participation à un colloque et / ou publication).
Le prix est destiné à récompenser et à encourager la recherche dans le domaine des études québécoises au sens large, comprenant les disciplines linguistiques et littéraires, ainsi que les sciences sociales (sociologie, histoire, sciences économiques etc.). Les thèmes contemporains (accent sur les problématiques actuelles) sont encouragés.
Les candidatures, comportant une lettre de présentation, un curriculum vitæ et une description du projet (500 mots), doivent parvenir au Président de l'Association, Niall Majury (n.majury@qub.ac.uk), avant le 26 avril 2021. La lettre de présentation doit préciser comment la bourse sera utilisée. Ces documents peuvent être rédigés en anglais ou en français.
Les candidatures seront évaluées par un comité formé de membres du bureau exécutif de l'association. Le/la lauréat(e) devra être membre de l'ACSI (s'il / si elle ne l'est pas déjà) et remettre un rapport au Président de l'Association, avec copie à la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres, après l'achèvement de son projet. Il / elle sera également invité(e) à présenter ses travaux lors du colloque ou de la journée d'études de l'Association. Les candidat(e)s doivent être rattaché(e)s à une institution basée en Irlande.
Le nom du lauréat/ de la lauréate sera annoncé à l'occasion du Colloque de l'Association irlandaise d'études canadiennes à l'Université Queen's de Belfast (en ligne cette année), du 13 au 14 mai 2021.

Prix de la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres, Spring, 2021

On the occasion of ACSI's biennial conference, the Québec Government Office in London awards academic staff or postgraduate students, resident on the island of Ireland, one prize of 1500 €. The bursary is intended to assist with research costs and may be used for the purpose of travel and / or conference attendance and / or publication.
The award is meant to recognize and promote research in any area of Québec studies, including linguistics and literature, as well as social sciences (sociology, history, economics, etc…). Contemporary themes (with a focus on current issues) are encouraged.
Applicants are invited to submit a covering letter, a brief research proposal (500 words) and a CV before April 26th, 2021. Please send all applications to Niall Majury (ACSI president) at the following email address: n.majury@qub.ac.uk. Applicants should outline how they intend to spend the bursary in their covering letter. Applications may be written in either English or French.
The applications will be assessed by members of the Executive Committee of ACSI. As a condition of these awards, we ask that successful recipients become (if not already) a member of ACSI and submit a short report following the completion of the project to the President of the Association, with a copy to the Québec Government Office in London. They will also be asked to present their research at either our biennial conference or one of our one-day symposiums. Please note that being based at an institution on the island of Ireland is a requirement.
The award will be announced at ACSI's biennial conference which is being hosted online this year by Queen's University Belfast May 13th and 14th, 2021.
***Conference registration is Now Open
20th Biennial Conference (ACSI)***

Conference Registration for the 20th Biennial ACSI Conference - Borders and Beyond / Les frontières et au-delà
is now open. The online registration form is available by clicking here here.

Call for Papers
Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies
University of Saskatchewan — to be held virtually
22–24 June 2021


This is the call for papers for the annual conference of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies which will take place from 22–24 June 2021. It will be convened by Jerry White of the University of Saskatchewan and it will take place entirely online, via MS Teams.

All papers should be 20 minutes. Deadline for submissions is Monday 15 February 2021. Please send a maximum 250-word abstract, along with a very short bio, to CAIS.2021@USask.Ca.

Further information available in English, French, Irish.

The Canadian Association for Irish Studies/L'association canadienne pour etudes irlandaises (CAIS/ACEI) has been serving students of Irish culture for over thirty years, seeking to foster and encourage the study of Irish culture in Canada. It also works to encourage young scholars and develop the next generation of Irish studies enthusiasts as well as support discussion of current issues in Irish studies and culture through conferences, publications, and online resources.
CAIS brings together all those who are committed to the promotion of Irish culture in Canada. Members of CAIS can be found in every province and territory of Canada. Members also come from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.
Every year, we convene at one of Canada's universities for a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. At these conferences, we meet poets, scholars, musicians, actors, novelists--all in a spirit of inquiry and conviviality.

Quebec Past & Present
9th Colloquium on Quebec Studies
Call for Papers


This is the call for papers for the 9th Colloquium on Quebec Studies to be held at Bishop’s University on March 12 – 13, 2021. The title and overarching theme of the conference is: Quebec Past and Present. We invite researchers, academics and students from all disciplines in humanities and social sciences to contribute to this international and multidisciplinary conference. We are most interested in contributions from history, sociology, political science, public policy, linguistics, education, health, art and architecture. Paper proposals will be accepted from undergraduate/graduate students and faculty from all universities. We especially encourage faculty to identify and encourage talented students to submit a proposal for consideration.

The aim of this colloquium is to provide a forum, where the participants can share their research knowledge and ideas on Quebec’s past, its recent trends, and map out the directions for its future. The colloquium will result in the publication of select edited scholarly essays in the Journal of Eastern Townships Studies (JETS). Proposals must present original research and essays must not have been previously published. Please note that publication preference will be given to papers that clearly demonstrate the relevance of their research to Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, send your abstract (max. 300 words) and CV before January 18, 2021. Please submit your proposal to etrc@ubishops.ca

This initiative is being sponsored by Bishop’s University, the Eastern Townships Resource Centre, SUNY Plattsburgh, the United States Department of Education and the Québec Ministry of International Relations and la Francophonie.

All submissions will be examined and individuals will be contacted no later than February 10, 2021 regarding their submission. For further information click here.

'From far and wide': Cultures, memories and identities in Canada
Call For Papers

In collaboration with the Canadian Studies Centre at Aarhus University, the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS) invites submissions for papers for the thirteenth Nordic international, cross-disciplinary Canadian Studies conference planned for 11-13 August 2021 in Aarhus, Denmark. The theme of the conference – 'From far and wide' – should be understood very broadly and can be taken literally or metaphorically. Our aim is to bring together scholars studying Canada at all career stages. Our association operates across the five Nordic countries, but we welcome paper proposals from anyone working on Canada in the Nordic countries, elsewhere in Europe, in North America and anywhere in the world. You can find further details about the call for papers here: https://events.au.dk/nacs2021

The deadline for proposals is 30th November 2020.
Call for Applications / Appel à candidatures

International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS/CIEC) Awards International Council for Canadian Studies, Ottawa, ON/Canada
Prix du Conseil international d'études canadiennes (CIEC) Conseil international d'études canadiennes, Ottawa, ON Canada

The Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies is intended for a scholar who has made an outstanding contribution to scholarship and to the development of Canadian Studies internationally. The prize is awarded this year to an individual having essentially had a Canadian Studies career in another country. Nominations must be submitted to ICCS President, Munroe Eagles, eagles@buffalo.edu, no later than November 24, 2020.

Le Prix international du Gouverneur général pour les études canadiennes est destiné à un universitaire qui a apporté une contribution exceptionnelle à la recherche et au développement des études canadiennes à l'échelle internationale. Le prix est décerné cette année à une personne ayant essentiellement fait une carrière en études canadiennes dans un autre pays. Les candidatures doivent être soumises au Président de la CIEC Munroe Eagles, eagles@buffalo.edu, est au plus tard le 24 novembre 2020.

The Pierre Savard Awards are designed to recognize and promote each year outstanding scholarly monographs, written by members of the Canadian Studies international network, that contribute to a better understanding of Canada. There are two categories: Book written in French or English and Book written in a language other than French or English. The deadline for submitting applications to ICCS President Munroe Eagles, eagles@buffalo.edu, is November 24, 2020.

Les prix Pierre Savard visent à reconnaître et à promouvoir chaque année des monographies savantes exceptionnelles, rédigées par des membres du réseau international d'études canadiennes, qui contribuent à une meilleure compréhension du Canada. Il existe deux catégories: Livre rédigé en français ou anglais et Livre rédigé dans une langue autre que le français ou l'anglais. Les candidatures doivent être soumises au Président de la CIEC Munroe Eagles, eagles@buffalo.edu, est au plus tard le 24 novembre 2020.

The Brian Long Best Doctoral Thesis in Canadian Studies Award is designed to recognize and promote each year an outstanding PhD thesis on a Canadian topic, written by a member (or one of his/her students) of a Canadian Studies Association or Associate Member, and which contributes to a better understanding of Canada. The deadline for submitting applications to Munroe Eagles (eagles@buffalo.edu) is November 24, 2020.

Le prix Brian Long de la meilleure thèse de doctorat en études canadiennes est conçu pour reconnaître et promouvoir chaque année une thèse de doctorat exceptionnelle sur un sujet canadien, rédigée par un membre (ou l'un de ses étudiants) d'une Association d'études canadiennes ou d'un membre associé, et ce qui contribue à une meilleure compréhension du Canada. Les candidatures doivent être soumises au Président de la CIEC Munroe Eagles, eagles@buffalo.edu, est au plus tard le 24 novembre 2020.

The International Council for Canadian Studies bestows annually an international award of merit as a means to recognize the contribution of individuals to the development of Canadian Studies in Canada and abroad. In most instances, the awards recognize institutional and organizational work.
The deadline to submit a nomination is (March 1, 2021).
Nominations should be sent to ICCS President, Munroe Eagles: eagles@buffalo.edu.

Chaque année, le Conseil international d’études canadiennes (CIEC) décerne des Certificats de mérite à des personnes qui ont contribué de façon marquante au développement des études canadiennes, au Canada ou à l’étranger. Le plus souvent, les certificats sont attribués pour souligner un apport de type institutionnel ou organisationnel.
La date limite de la soumission des dossiers est : (le 1er mars 2021).
Les candidatures doivent être envoyées au président de la CIEC, Munroe Eagles: eagles@buffalo.edu.
Pierre Savard Award
Congratulations Professor Raymond Blake
Where Once They Stood awarded Pierre Savard Award by the International Council of Canada Studies

The Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland would like to congratulate the outgoing Craig Dobbin Chair in Canadian Studies at UCD, Professor Raymond Blake and his co-author Melvin Baker for their success in being awarded the Pierre Savard Award for their pioneering work 'Where Once They Stood'. The book was nominated for the award by the Association.

The Pierre Savard Awards are designed to recognize and promote each year outstanding scholarly monographs on a Canadian topic. The awards form part of a strategy that is aimed at promoting, especially throughout the Canadian academic community, works that have been written by members of the Canadian Studies international network. The awards are intended to designate exceptional books, which, being based on a Canadian topic, contribute to a better understanding of Canada.

Where Once They Stood challenges popular notions that those who voted against Confederation in 1869 and for union in 1948 were uninformed and gullible. Raymond Blake and Melvin Baker demonstrate that voters fully understood the issues at stake in both cases, and women became instrumental in determining the final outcome, voting for Canada in 1948, believing it provided the best opportunities for their children.
Call for papers for the 22nd issue of Nouvelles vues :
revue sur les pratiques, les théories et l'histoire du cinéma au Québec

Just announced call for papers for a special issue of the journal Nouvelles vues : revue sur les pratiques, les théories et l'histoire du cinéma au Québec, on the topic of Intercultural Encounters, prepared by Karine Bertrand (Queen's University) and Mercédès Baillargeon (University of Maryland). Please note that you may submit a proposal in either English or French, and that the deadline to submit an abstract is September 15, 2020. Full details of the call are available in English and French.
Where Once They Stood: Newfoundland's Rocky Road to Canada
Raymond Blake and Melvin Baker (Authors)

Where Once They Stood challenges popular notions that those who voted against Confederation in 1869 and for union in 1948 were uninformed and gullible. Raymond Blake and Melvin Baker demonstrate that voters fully understood the issues at stake in both cases, and women became instrumental in determining the final outcome, voting for Canada in 1948, believing it provided the best opportunities for their children.

Publisher: University of Regina Press
Format: Softcover
Published: March 2019
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9780889776197
Price: $34.95
Web Address: https://uofrpress.ca/Books/W/Where-Once-They-Stood
***20th Biennial Conference (ACSI) Postponed***

Given shared concerns over everyone's health and welfare associated with the outbreak of COVID 19, we regret to inform that ACSI's conference this May (14th to 16th) has had to be postponed. Further announcements about rescheduling the Conference will be made in due course.

Please address any general queries to Dr Niall Majury, ACSI Council Member / 2020 Conference Organiser, email - n.majury@qub.ac.uk
or Mr John Maher, ACSI President, email - jmaher@wit.ie.
UCD Centre for Canadian Studies & the Craig Dobbin Chair Present
Canadian Studies Seminar Series 2020

"Why do we dismiss voters as Incompetent when they disagree with us? Canada, Newfoundland, and Confederation, 1867-1949"
Craig Dobbin Professor Raymond Blake
University of Regina, Canada
Wednesday, March 4, K114, Newman Building, 4.30 PM.
***Conference registration is Now Open
20th Biennial Conference (ACSI)***

Conference Registration is now open and the registration form is available by clicking here here.

Click here for the Conference poster.

20th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)

Click here for the Call for papers in English and click here for Francais.

20th Biennial Conference of the Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland (ACSI)
14th - 16th May 2020
Queen's University Belfast

Call for Papers:
Borders and Beyond / Les frontières et au-delà

Please address any general queries to Dr Niall Majury, ACSI Council Member / 2020 Conference Organiser, email - n.majury@qub.ac.uk
or Mr John Maher, ACSI President, email - jmaher@wit.ie.
We welcome submissions in French or English and the deadline for proposals is Friday 31st January, 2020.
Call for Contributions
Minorities in Canada – Intercultural Investigations

The Canada Center of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary is happy to announce the call for contributions for a volume of studies entitled Minorities in Canada – Intercultural Investigations to be published in the L'Harmattan-KRE Series.
The Board of Editors welcomes submissions exploring various aspects of the subject of the volume including citizenship, policy-making, law, diversity, immigration, migration, identity, bilingualism, multilingualism, multiculturalism, transculturation, history, literature, education, religion, art, art history, ethnography, indigenous perspectives, interpersonal relations, youth, aging, women, health care, business, economy, and environmental issues.
As a first step, those interested in the publication opportunity will be expected to submit a 250-word abstract of their proposed contribution in English or French to karoli.canada@gmail.com by January 31, 2020. The Board of Editors, in turn, will evaluate the submitted abstracts by February 15, 2020, and those gaining approval will have to be turned into a full-length paper by April 15, 2020.
Ideally, final (full-length) contributions should be between 30,000-45,000 n (15-20 pages). We kindly ask tentative authors to refer to the authorial guidelines here.
The Editorial Board
Strengthening links between the Association internationale des études québécoises and ACSI

Professor Michael Brophy, School of Languages and Literatures, University College Dublin and member of the ACSI Executive Committee recently visited the HQ of the Association internationale des études québécoises in Quebec city. Professor Brophy is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Pictured with Chantal Houdet, Directrice Générale de l'Association.

For further information on the Association internationale des études québécoises, please visit https://aieq.qc.ca/.
Lettres au frère Marie-Victorin: Correspondance sur la sexualité humaine
Présentées par Craig Moyes et Yves Gingras

Edited and presented by Craig Moyes (KCL/CQFCS) and Yves Gingras (UQÀM), these letters are part of a secret correspondance on human sexuality between a young botanist and educator, Marcelle Gauvreau, and her scientific mentor and collaborator, Brother Marie-Victorin. Marie-Victorin is perhaps the most important Canadian botanist of the 20th century, best known as the founder of the Montreal Botanical gardens and as author of La Flore laurentienne (1935), which, now in its third edition, is still the standard reference work on the flora of Québec. His letters to Gauvreau on the topic of human sexuality were published in 2018, also by Boréal. The present volume completes the picture, and throws valuable light on Gauvreau's own thoughts on sexuality, both as a profoundly religious unmarried woman in Québec in the 1930s and 40s, and as a rare female scientist in a world of men.

Editor's blurb: Outre son amour profond et imprégné de respect pour celui que Marcelle Gauvreau appelle son « directeur spirituel », amour qu'on pouvait déjà déceler dans les lettres du botaniste, on découvre dans ces Lettres au frère Marie-Victorin une femme enjouée, profondément religieuse, à l'esprit très rationnel, qui apprend à découvrir son corps et à décrire précisément ses expériences sexuelles. […] Ces longues lettres biologiques présentent un regard à la fois studieux et sensible sur les relations humaines que le lecteur découvrira avec étonnement.

Publisher: Boréal
Format: Softcover
Published: September 2019
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-2-7646-2592-7
Price: $29.95
Web Address: https://www.editionsboreal.qc.ca/catalogue/livres/lettres-frere-marie-victorin-2680.html
Toronto, The Belfast of Canada: The Orange Order and The Shaping of Municipal Culture
William J. Smyth (Author)

Internationally regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, modern Toronto projects an image of ethnic diversity, neighbourhood harmony and global connectedness in the Arts, commerce and service industries. It was not always so. Throughout the first one hundred and fifty years of its existence Toronto was an introspective British colonial city in which Ulster Protestant migrants established a strong grip on municipal politics and culture; defining its social, organizational and ideological structures in terms that that were decidedly reminiscent of Ulster’s primate city, Belfast. In both cities the Orange Order exerted an excluding grip on city hall politics and street culture alike, defining social acceptance and political imperatives in similar tones. An analysis of hundreds of Lodge records, identification of the ethnic, religious and social backgrounds of thousands of orangemen and a detailed analysis of municipal politics in the period 1840 – 1950 are employed to support the contention that the contemporary term, the Belfast of Canada, was indeed an appropriate descriptor for the emerging colonial city.

Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Format: Softcover
Published: 2015
Pages: 328
ISBN: 9781442614680
Price: $24.71
Web Address: https://utorontopress.com/ca/toronto-the-belfast-of-canada-4
From Ulster to Canada: The Life and Times of Wilson Benson 1821-1911
Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth (Authors)

Throughout the first half of the nineteenth century Irish migrants, and particularly those of an Ulster background, dominated the transatlantic flow of immigrants to Canada. In the quarter century before the famine hundreds of thousands men and women sought new opportunities amid the forested and partially cleared landscape of Ontario. Access to land, much of it free, pulled a cohort of willing migrants from an Ireland where agricultural possibilities were severely limited and where, in Ulster, the domestic linen industry appeared on the point of collapse. A rich literature derived mostly from macro analyses, has established the broad thrust of this migration history. The current work, reveals a nuanced view of the migration and settlement processes through the eyes of an individual, Armagh-born Wilson Benson. His autobiography is a rich exercise in memory work. Apprenticed as a handloom weaver and a youthful participant in seasonal migration to Scotland, Benson, following the example of neighbours, sailed from Belfast for Canada in 1840. His memoir details life on the frontier throughout the next three decades. Archival research by the authors expands the narrative beyond that period to document his later years in rural Ontario which, by then, had transcended its immigrant phase to exude a more stable and conservative social ethos.

This publication was completed a few months before the untimely death of Cecil Houston and is the final scholarly contribution of the Houston-Smyth writing and research partnership, 1973-2015.

Publisher: Ulster Historical Foundation
Format: Softcover
Published: 2015
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781909556331
Price: £11.99

Web Address: http://www.booksireland.org.uk/store/all-departments/from-ulster-to-canada
Landscapes and Landmarks of Canada: Real, Imagined, (Re)Viewed
Edited by Maeve Conrick, Munroe Eagles, Jane Koustas, and Caitríona Ní Chasaide

The image of the “land” is an ongoing trope in conceptions of Canada—from the national anthem and the flag to the symbols on coins—the land and nature remain linked to the Canadian sense of belonging and to the image of the nation abroad. Linguistic landscapes reflect the multi-faceted identities and cultural richness of the nations. Earlier portrayals of the land focused on unspoiled landscape, depicted in the paintings of the Group of Seven, for example. Contemporary notions of identity, belonging, and citizenship are established, contested, and legitimized within sites and institutions of public culture, heritage, and representation that reflect integration with the land, transforming landscape into landmarks. The Highway of Heroes originating at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Ontario and Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site in Québec are examples of landmarks that transform landscape into a built environment that endeavours to respect the land while using it as a site to commemorate, celebrate, and promote Canadian identity. Similarly in literature and the arts, the creation of the built environment and the interaction among those who share it is a recurrent theme.

This collection includes essays by Canadian and international scholars whose engagement with the theme stems from their disciplinary perspectives as well as from their personal and professional experience—rooted, at least partially, in their own sense of national identity and in their relationship to Canada.

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Format: Softcover
Published: March 2017
Pages: 296
ISBN: 9781771122016
Price: $27.99
Web Address: https://www.wlupress.wlu.ca/Books/L/Landscapes-and-Landmarks-of-Canada
Minority Languages, National Languages, and Official Language Policies
Edited by Gillian Lane-Mercier, Denise Merkle and Jane M. Koustas

In a context where linguistic and cultural diversity is characterized by ever-increasing complexity, adopting official multilingual policies to correct a country's ethno-linguistic, socio-economic, and symbolic imbalances presents many obstacles, but the greatest challenge is implementing them effectively. To what degree and in what ways have official multilingualism and multiculturalism policies actually succeeded in attaining their goals?
Questioning and challenging foundational concepts, Minority Languages, National Languages, and Official Language Policies highlights the extent to which governments and international bodies are unable to manage complex linguistic and cultural diversity on an effective and sustained basis. This volume examines the principles, theory, intentions, and outcomes of official policies of multilingualism at the city, regional, and national levels through a series of international case studies. The eleven chapters - most focusing on lesser-known geopolitical contexts and languages - bring to the fore the many paradoxes that underlie the concept of diversity, lived experiences of and attitudes toward linguistic and cultural diversity, and the official multilingual policies designed to legally enhance, protect, or constrain otherness.
An authoritative source of new and updated information, offering fresh interpretations and analyses of evolving sociolinguistic and political phenomena in today's global world, Minority Languages, National Languages, and Official Language Policies demonstrates how language policies often fail to deal appropriately or adequately with the issues they are designed to solve.
Includes the chapter "International Models of Language Policy and Language Planning: Official Bilingualism in Ireland and Sociolinguistic Reality" by Professor Maeve Conrick.

Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Format: Softcover
Published: December 2018
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9780773554948
Price: $37.95

Web Address: https://www.mqup.ca/minority-languages--national-languages--and-official-language-policies-products-9780773554948.php
New Work on Immigration and Identity

"New Work on Immigration and Identity", a 2016 thematic issue of CLCweb guest-edited by Dervila Cooke, brings together articles on contemporary writing (poetry, drama, fiction and children’s literature) across France, Québec and Ireland. It also includes a piece on current debates on interculturalism in Québec and an overview of postcolonial literature in France. It provides a substantial introduction. comparing societal and literary contexts in all three societies. It appends a 450-item thematic bibliography, mainly since 2000, focusing on key books and a number of seminal articles.

Click here for access: https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/clcweb/vol18/iss4/

All articles of the journal are freely accessible online.
Shaped by Silence: Stories from Inmates of the Good Shepherd Laundries and Reformatories
Rie Croll (Author)

Shaped by Silence brings together the powerful stories of five women from Ireland, Canada, and Australia whose lives were shaped by forced confinement in Magdalene laundries and other institutions operated by the Roman Catholic Order of Sisters of the Good Shepherd. Their narratives include one teenager’s experience in a Good Shepherd training school in Canada; another story of a child who was born in a Canadian Good Shepherd laundry; and three accounts of adolescent girls held in Good Shepherd Magdalene laundries in Ireland and Australia. In these institutions, women and girls became a coerced workforce. Hard, unpaid and relentless physical toil, isolation, enforced silence, and prayer constituted the nuns’ strategy for converting their “fallen” charges into the Christian image of pure womanhood. Within this regime, girls and women suffered physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. While intimately capturing the dark and enduring after-effects of ill-treatment, the stories recounted in Shaped by Silence also describe survivors’ efforts to heal and rebuild their lives. This important book shines a light on a pervasive and systemic pattern of cruelty and exploitation. It reveals the unwarranted confinement of generations of girls and women in Good Shepherd institutions around the world and constitutes a call for full acknowledgement of their suffering.

Publisher: ISER Books
Format: Softcover
Published: May 2019
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1-894725-53-8
Price: $29.95
Web Address: https://www.hss.mun.ca/iserbooks/publications/show_for_title?id=120
Prestigious James M Flaherty Scholarship Awarded to Dr Julie Rodgers

Dr Julie Rodgers, French Studies, SMLLC has been awarded a prestigious Flaherty scholarship for her research on Indigenous Quebec Women Writers. The award will facilitate a research trip to Quebec where Dr Rodgers will be hosted by the Université de Sherbrooke.

James Kelly, CEO of ICUF, says that "the Ireland Canada University Foundation is delighted to be providing Dr Julie Rodgers with this award. Our mission is to support the development of academic and cultural links between Canada and Ireland, and Dr Rodgers' research provides a wonderful opportunity to further this mission in a fascinating area of research. Further info on our awards can be found on our website www.icuf.ie."

Association of Canadian Studies in Ireland - Membership form 2019/2020

We are always delighted to welcome new members. You can download the ACSI membership form for 2019/2020 by clicking on the link here. Further information regarding membership can be obtained from contacting our Treasurer Edward Murphy, by email eamurphy@wit.ie

CFP Vulnerable Times: Exposure and Agency in Canadian Literature

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of a major international peer-reviewed journal Guest edited by Eva Darias-Beautell (Universidad de La Laguna).

This special issue calls for articles that investigate the relation between vulnerability and agency in Canadian literature. The very notion of Canadianness has been traditionally associated with certain forms of vulnerability, be they historical, geographical, cultural, or ecological. At the same time, many Canadian texts seem to engage with modes of exposure that, in their radical openness, may produce complex and often unexpected spaces of responsiveness, both within the creative work and between the text and the reader.

All submissions must be original, unpublished work and should follow the SAGE Harvard Reference Style and the general style guide attached to this CFP. Articles should be between 6000 and 7000 words, including endnotes and works cited. Submissions should be sent by email as an attached word file to the guest editor Eva Darias-Beautell (edariasb@ull.edu.es) by the deadline of December 20, 2019. All articles will go through the journal’s peer review process.

For further information click here

Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries

The Association for Canadian Studies in German-speaking Countries (Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien in den deutschsprachigen Ländern / GKS) focusing mainly on coordinating Canada-related academic activities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
GKS pursues its objectives especially by
  • sponsoring and supporting Canadian Studies in the broadest sense
  • national as well as international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • intensifying the academic and cultural relations between Canada and the German-speaking countries
Website - click here: http://www.kanada-studien.org/about/
Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien (ZKS) is a peer‐reviewed journal edited by the Association for Canadian Studies in German-Speaking Countries. Founded in 1981, it is published once a year. ZKS features contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including linguistics, history, literary and cultural studies, the social sciences, geography, and others, and it does so in either German, French, or English. This journal may be a suitable outlet for members of ACSI with respect to their research and scholarship.
Journal - click here: http://www.kanada-studien.org/publikationen/zks.
Dr Michel Martiny

The death has taken place of Michel Martiny, former President (1989-91) and founder member of ACSI (1982). Holder of a Doctorat de 3e Cycle, completed at the Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Michel was subsequently appointed as Lecturer in the Department of French at University College Cork. At UCC, he was a widely respected lecturer in 18th century literature and a wide range of French language and literature courses. Michel was an accomplished, inspirational and devoted university teacher, who was very much appreciated by his students. As a colleague he was extremely generous, always ready to encourage and assist.

During his career, Michel developed a strong interest in Canadian francophone literature, an area which would come to dominate his research and teaching. In that regard he played a pioneering role at a time when the teaching of French literature was largely confined to the literature of France. Among his specialist interests were the Acadian author Antonine Maillet and the Franco-Manitoban author Gabrielle Roy.

Michel played a leading role in the establishment and promotion of Canadian Studies in Ireland, including as one of the founders of ACSI and as an early President of the Association. He organised many memorable Canadian Studies conferences, which sparked an interest in Canada in a wide range of colleagues and students.

Michel is survived by his wife Lisbeth, his son Erik and daughter Annika.
International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) hosts its AGM in Ottawa - June 2019

Professor Stewart Gill, President -ICCS and John Maher, President - ACSI
The ICCS meeting took place at the Lord Elgin Hotel on 8th June and was attended by Association presidents from five continents. Countries and alliances thus represented were US, UK, France, Italy, Japan, German speaking countries, Australian and NZ, Nordic counties, China, the Netherlands, India, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Central Europe, Poland and Paraguay. The President of ICCS, Prof Stewart Gill, (University of Melbourne) and Treasurer, Prof Jane Koustas (Brock University) dealt with the executive matters during the meeting while a number of observers were also present. Prof Munroe Eagles (University of Buffalo) now succeeds Prof Gill. Participants were appreciative of the professional support given to the Association by Cristina Frias in her secretariat role. They also acknowledged the financial support of the Canadian Government in making this meeting possible and inclusive. The meeting considered the direction of Canadian Studies and the resources available to it for this purpose.

In his presidential report, Prof Gill commended to the scholarly community the examination of what Canadian Studies could or should be, today and tomorrow. He urged us to map this on a conceptual and strategic blank canvas in a manner which could enjoy renewed support from all our stakeholders, with educationalists and researchers particularly important in this context. The Association publishes a journal, the International Journal of Canadian studies, and we were invited to support the journal in two ways: by promoting it as a scholarly platform for research dissemination and secondly, as subscribers, either on an institutional basis or individually.

In the afternoon presentations with respect to framing and delivering Canadian Studies programmes were made by Peter Thompson (Carleton University) Norie Yazu (Kanda University), Oriana Palusci (University of Naples), Katalin Kurtosi (University of Szeged) and Tatyana Kuzmina . These were reflected on and discussed under the moderation of Reneé Hulan (St Mary's University) and Andrea Beverley (Mount Allison University).

The formal proceedings were later followed by the Governor General's award for Canadian Studies to Prof Emerita Ursula Mathis-Moser of the University of Innsbruck. Le Prix international du Gouverneur général en études canadiennes / Governor General's International Award for Canadian Studies 2019. Link to Programme: here.

Other awards made by the ICCS included the dissertation award to Dr Antoine Burgard (Universités de Lyon et Québec) , the book award in French or English to Dr Benjamin Authers ( Flinders University) and the book award in a third language to Isteván János Molná (Hungary). Certificates of merit were also given to Signe Katz (Israel), Anna Reczynska, (Poland) and Kevin Spooner (Canada). Dr Authers book is titled A Culture of Rights - Law Literature and Canada, and is published by University of Toronto Press. Prof Susan Hodgett a previous president of the ICCS, launched the book titled Necessary Travel, New Area Studies and Canada in Comparative Perspective. It is co-edited by Dr Hodgett and Dr Patrick James and published by Lexington Books. She has taken a chair in this field at the University of East Anglia.

This gathering in Ottawa provided several benefits both of an individual and a collective nature:
  • the network was renewed
  • the alignment of mission, management, method, money, and memory was critically analysed
  • good practice was made visible
  • achievements were honoured and celebrated
  • an emerging platform for institutional design and collective effort in the Canadian Studies domain was articulated
  • channels of communication were established
  • domain specific publications were promoted
Those present will return invigorated to their home association, with fresh insights and an enhanced spirit of inquiry and teaching.

Attendees at the ICCS AGM and proceedings at the Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa
European Summer School in Canadian Studies (ESSCS 2020)

Dates: June 29 – July 10, 2020
Vienna – Innsbruck (Austria)

Link to Programme: https://www.uibk.ac.at/canada/news/nachdruck5-el-european-summer-school-in-canadian-studies.pdf

Synopsis The current political constellation in North America has brought Canada diplomatically closer to the European Union and asks for a better reciprocal understanding of the two partners with regard to cultural, political, and economic issues. The European Summer School in Canadian Studies is the first of its kind to meet these new demands and to support aspiring students and young researchers in building international networks. It addresses the multidisciplinary field of Canadian Studies, aiming to bring students from various countries in Europe and beyond together to strengthen the dialogue between the many disciplines that make up Canadian Studies: literary and cultural studies, indigenous studies, media studies, linguistics, history, cultural geography, political sciences, sociology, gender studies, and economics. It offers high-potential MA/MEd and PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences critical perspectives on national myths and stereotypes.

Certificate in Canadian Studies
The programme is compatible with various MA/MEd curricula and PhD programmes. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate (5 ECTS, 125 hours workload total, including preparatory readings, course work and portfolio).

Target Group
MA/MEd students and emerging scholars (PhD) interested in Canadian or North American Studies.

Application Requirements
Please submit the following documents to canadian.summer.school@uibk.ac.at:
  • motivational letter in English or French (1 page)
  • copy of official certificate of BA/BEd or MA/MEd degree
  • proof of language competence in English and/or French (certificates, transcript or records, etc.)

Registration Deadline: 15 February 2020
The number of participants is limited.
Contact: canadian.summer.school@uibk.ac.at
Text/Sound/Performance: Making in Canadian Space 25-27 April 2019, University College Dublin
Report by Gregory Betts, Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies

Collage of images from “The Echo” readings at the National Library, with readers Donato Mancini, Jordan Abel,
Liz Howard, Anne Simpson, Jane Munroe, Eilean ni Culeenan, and Christian Bok.

The Text/Sound/Performance: Making in Canadian Space conference highlighted the mandate of the Craig Dobbin Foundation to promote collaborations and exchange between Canadian and Irish scholars and writers. The three-day T/S/P conference featured a diverse array of cutting-edge Canadian and Indigenous writers, academics, and performers. It was paired with a partner conference for primarily Irish writers and professors called “The Writer’s Voice”, co-organized by the Craig Dobbin Chair and Paul Perry of the Associated Writing Programmes of Ireland. These two events shared keynote presentations, receptions, and evening events, creating an important nexus for exchange and collaboration. All told, there were 122 presentations at T/S/P and 35 presentations at The Writer’s Voice, bringing approximately 150 writers and professors into a combined conversation. Furthermore, 35 non-presenting panel chairs were drawn from the Irish literary and academic communities. Needless to say, it was a robust, multifarious conversation that emerged across a rich myriad of fields, including new forms of textuality, new models of performance, sonic and digital spaces, decolonization, pedagogy, and archival practices. Christian Bok delivered a keynote address on examples of “scale,” encouraging artists to think beyond the page. D’bi.young Anitafrika delivered a keynote on the theme of antiracism, encouraging artists to create more empathetic cultural space. Other highlights include performances by The Sila Singers (Inuit throat-singers), SlapBang (Irish musicians), readings by seven Griffin Poetry Prize winners (Canadian, Indigenous, and Irish), and a keynote by address by Joshua Whitehead on different conceptions of Indigeneity. Poetry Ireland also hosted a “marathon” evening reading of 50 Canadian, Indigenous, and Irish poets that was both uproarious and great fun.

Emily Murphy and Katherine Macleod perform the history of flamenco in Canada
Supporters and Partner organizations for the conference included the Spoken Web Project (the largest contributor to the event), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Craig Dobbin Foundation, the College of Arts and Humanities at University College Dublin, Brock University, The School of English, Drama, and Film at University College Dublin, the Humanities Research Institute at Brock University, Poetry Ireland, the National Library of Ireland, the James Joyce Library, the National Folklore Collection, and the Association of Writing Programmes in Ireland.

Irish novelist and Head of Subject for Creative Writing at UCD, Paul Perry, has described it as a “generational event, totally unprecedented.”

Julie Morrissy, Christodoulos Makris, and Gregory Betts perform their collaborative poetry at “Riverrun” at Poetry Ireland.
La littérature appelle au désordre / Literature calls to disorder - talk by Clara Dupuis-Morency at UCD

As part of the Irish-Franco Literary Festival 2019, Women / Mná / Femmes,
the Quebec author Clara Dupuis-Morency will visit UCD and give a talk entitled:
La littérature appelle au désordre / Literature calls to disorder
Thursday 4 April, 4 pm
UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
Newman D301

Click here for further information.
ACSI Bursaries for Academic Staff and Postgraduate Students Announcement

ACSI is pleased to announce the call for a number of bursaries for Academic staff and Postgraduate Students
working in the area of Canadian Studies within the island of Ireland.

For 2019, these bursaries will be: 2 academic staff bursaries at €1,500 (one research and one teaching) and 1 postgraduate bursary at €1,000 (research)
The bursaries are intended to assist with research or course preparation costs. They may be used for the purpose of conference attendance, travel, publication and the development of teaching courses, providing that there is a direct link to Canadian Studies.

Applicants are invited to submit their applications to Mr John Maher, ACSI President, email - jmaher@wit.ie before 5pm Irish time on 29th March 2019.
Applications may be submitted in either English or French.

Click here for further information on the ACSI Bursaries in English and here for further information on the ACSI Bursaries in French.
Text, Sound, Performance: Making in Canadian Space: Conference

In April 2019, scholars, students, writers, and community partners will gather in Dublin, Ireland for a three-day conference
on the theme of TEXT/SOUND/PERFORMANCE: Making in Canadian Space.
There will be a keynote address and masterclass workshop on each of the three pillars of the conference,
alongside academic and creative panels, roundtables, and performances.
Conference website: https://textsoundperformance.wordpress.com/
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/textsoundperformance-making-in-canadian-space-tickets-52748725859
Ktaqamkuk Across The Water Thar Muir - Irish Journal of Newfoundland and Labrador Research published by the Centre for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (WIT)

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